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07+ FJCruiser

Skidplates of the Trail Teams!

Provides a smooth bottom for your cruiser without holes and notches to catch things on the trail.  Covers from the front crossmember near the bumper to behind the transfer case.  Low hanging exhaust crossover pipe is protected with a smooth sheet of steel.  Front alignment adjustment points are protected from rocks too.


We have skids for your 2010 FJs too!  Fronts mount differently and take a different filler plate too but we have them in stock now.  :)

     IMG_0541.jpg (1356422 bytes)

IMG_1180.jpg (1415916 bytes) IMG_1186.jpg (1526721 bytes) 

IMG_1189.jpg (1574839 bytes) IMG_4043.jpg (275853 bytes)

Replaces both stock thin sheet metal with 3/16" thick LASER cut steel, CNC press brake formed beef!  3 pieces bolt on to existing mounting points with no welding or fabricating required.  Recessed, flat head and carriage bolts give a nice smooth bottom.  Only a small drain hole for changing oil interrupts that smooth surface.  Rocks, stumps, and lesser vehicles have nothing to catch on.  Edges are formed for strength and rigidity with gaps to allow for ease of cleaning and mud removal.  Front cooling slots and flow deflector engineered for maximum airflow and maximum protection.  Fits around stock cooler mounts and factory crossmember braces!  No need for removal or relocation.  :)

$725 Combo price for 4 pieces! 

Front $289, mid $249, tcase $229,  Crossmember $99 separately  

Powdercoating is available for an additional $179 in about any color imaginable.  

Add the gas tank skid and get total protection 

$900 Combo price for all 5 pieces! 

regular gas tank skid $239 separately

Powdercoating adds an additional $219 in about any color imaginable.  

We keep these in stock, boxed and ready to ship in both bare steel and black powdercoating.  Other colors add about a week to shipment time.

$1050 Combo price for all 5 pieces with beefy gas tank skid

beefy gas tank skid $369

Powdercoating adds an additional $239 in about any color imaginable.


IMG_0430.jpg (1265485 bytes)


Tummy Tuck!

When you install an Inchworm Lefty, you can clock the tcase up and run a totally flat belly under your truck!  This gives you almost 4 full inches more ground clearance in one of the most important areas of your truck.


What is involved?

1.  Install an Inchworm lefty Tcase in place of your stock tcase.

2.  Trim some of the existing crossmember mounts on the frame with supplied template. 

3.  Remove some of the stock exhaust system.

4.  Install BudBuilt Tummy Tuck crossmember into existing holes in the frame, no drilling or welding required.

5. Have exhaust modified to clear new crossmember and tcase.

6.  Install Tummy Tuck skidplates to protect the entire bottom of your truck.

7.  Enjoy your new ultra low gearing, and the extra 3 7/8" of ground clearance.  :)


Inchworm Lefty, complete with 4.7 gears and chrome moly output shaft  $1995

Transmission adapter plate $399

Speed sensor adapter (if you have a 6 speed)  $100

BudBuilt Tummy Tuck crossmember $399

Full set of BudBuilt Tummy Tuck skidplates $1000 in steel, $1300 in aluminum

Combo pricing:

Custom exhaust modifications $100-200 at your local muffler shop

Or our cat elimination high clearance system for a total bolt on system.  $TBA

Time involved:  

Lefty install:  8-14 hours

Crossmember trimming and install:  5 hours

exhaust mods: 3 hour

Skidplate install:  1.5 hours






ARB filler plate 

Replaces stock sheet metal piece from ARB with 3/16" steel to match the rest of your skidplate set. 

$140 for bare steel

add $26 for powdercoating

Only $100 if added on to above combo!!!


 Lambert.JPG (731202 bytes) blue skid 1.JPG (104964 bytes)  


FJCruiser Rock Sliders

 FJ sliders 2.JPG (34979 bytes)


FJ sliders 1.JPG (58285 bytes)  

BudBuilt sliders are available in 2 different styles and 2 different material thicknesses allowing you to select the perfect strength and style for your FJ!  They all bolt to the factory holes with the thickest plates in the industry ( 3/8" !!)  These protect your frame from bowing or cupping when the weight of your truck is carried by the sliders.  There is a brace on 3 of the four legs to helps support the weight.  The stock emergency brake lines fit with no modifications.  The 2 styles allow you to choose the look and protection that you desire.  They come with ultra-thick washers and grade 10.9 metric hardware to attach them.  They are available in the standard .120" wall HREW tubing (that most other sliders use)  We also offer them in .187" thick DOM tubing for those that can break a rubber ball in a padded cell!  These will NOT dent, bend, bow, etc for EXTREME rock crawling.  These come with a lifetime warrantee against bending!  

$399/pair for the .120" thick versions

$559/pair for the .187" thick lifetime warranteed version

Powdercoating available for an additional $89


FJCruiser Bolt on Diff Guards

NEW!!!  FJCruiser and  4Runner bolt on Differential guards

BudBuilt diff skid 6s.JPG (38362 bytes)  BudBuilt diff skid 1s.JPG (32530 bytes)

BudBuilt diff skid 2s.JPG (31191 bytes)  BudBuilt diff skid 4s.JPG (38526 bytes)

BudBuilt diff skid 5s.JPG (31517 bytes)  BudBuilt diff skid 7s.JPG (31083 bytes)

Totally bolt on with 8 stainless steel bolts. VERY tight fit to the bottom and back, so there is minimum loss of ground clearance. Smooth on the bottom, with 4 drain holes for mud and water. Extra hole cut for the drain plug on request.  Although it is easy to remove and install, I don't recommend it. Provides great protection of the e locker motor without the need for another guard. Of course it clears our gas tanks skids. 3/16" thick steel construction.  They weigh 19#. Available bare steel, powdercoated or stainless steel. As tough as they get with all the engineering and great fit you have come to expect from BudBuilt.

Introductory pricing:
Diff skid in bare steel: $298
add $25 for powdercoating
add $85 for stainless steel construction

Discounts for those who already have one of our combo deals, $50 off!
If you purchase one of our combo deals, this price also applies to you!



(since 3/24/08)